One piece or the whole puzzle – Vital Grounds Land Design can put it all together for you.
Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4....
 1. CONTACT - Vital Grounds for a FREE 1/2 hour orientation meeting.  We will discuss what your goals are, what you want to create, timeline, and pieces of your land design puzzle, and budget. Some examples of land design pieces are; storm water, food forest, education for the public, swales, solar, and more.  Click here to find to more about some of the elements that can be added into your project.
If you are ready to go to step two then we will send you a survey to get a better understanding of your goals and priorities.
  2. CONSULTATION – An in person and/or onsite meeting (where applicable) to get more details and information about what you need. This can be a brainstorming session where we come up with ideas you can work with OR you can take it to the next step with Vital Grounds.   We can run brainstorming sessions and give you direction on what your site is best suited to. In this stage we will come up with some loose directions and priorities. The real magic happens in the next step, the design phase.
If we have to travel out of town to come to your site, travelling fees will occur.
 3. DESIGN - This is where there real puzzle solving begins; the nitty gritty of elevations and grades of the land, what goes where, how do the pieces fit together to offer the most effective solution. This process takes time, commitment, and communication. You will have a step-by-step coherent plan of how all the pieces of your land design fit together;  this is the "how" of your dreams and visions.  Once you have your design you are ready to implement.
4. IMPLEMENTATION - Whether you hire VitalGrounds to implement the design plan, to consult the crew you hire, or to lead the project – we can make the whole process less puzzling so that all your pieces work as a whole.